Rescue Her Organization donation

Clear Essence Donates to Rescue Her Organization

The Rescue Her Organization, located in San Bernardino, California, USA, received almost 500 product donations from Clear Essence Cosmetics in April 2023. 


Clear Essence Cosmetics is a black-owned skincare company that creates skincare formulations for people of color. Due to their commitment to the ethnic complexion market, they stand as the most preferred skincare brand by people of color, worldwide.  


The Rescue Her Organization advocates for survivors of domestic abuse. The non-profit organization creates programs for parenting classes, shelters,and to help all survivors find transitional homes. They emphasize the importance of helping these female survivors find their identity, purpose, and confidence again. 


Two representatives from the Clear Essence Cosmetics Sales and Marketing Team, had the opportunity to meet Ashley Green, the founder of the Rescue Her Organization. Green was so appreciative of the product donation as they would be utilized in their Hygiene Giveaway to women and families in need. Clear Essence Cosmetics was able to donate almost 500 skincare products for this donation drive. These product donations include the Baby By Clear Essence® Softening Hair & Body Wash With Marigold & Chamomile and the Baby By Clear Essence® Freshening Baby Lotion With Sweet Pea. They hope the recipients of these product donations enjoy them! 

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