Skin Care for the Gym: Preventing Acne When You Sweat

Skin Care for the Gym: Preventing Acne When You Sweat

Skin Care for the Gym: Preventing Acne When You Sweat

Lots of us are starting to work out more to prepare for the Summer months and bikini season. Exercising also provides great benefits for the body and mind. Besides working out, this summer is expected to be a hot one! Sweat may begin to clog pores just while enjoying the outdoors and the warmer weather.

To help prevent breakouts or acne during these summer months, check out our skin care tips below.

Avoid Makeup

Applying makeup before your workout can contribute to clogged pores and breakouts. When you workout and sweat, your pores open up. Open pores are susceptible to dirt and bacteria getting trapped under the skin. You want your skin to breathe while working out so that sweat can fall off the skin instead of being trapped under makeup.

If you’re confident in your skin without makeup, try using a lighter coverage or ensure that you cleanse your skin immediately after workout with warm water to reopen pores and flush out bacteria.

Cleanse Your Skin

Cleansing your skin daily is important to ensure your pores are free of dirt and bacteria. It is even more critical when you are continuously working out or exposed to outdoor elements such as smog and pollution. During the summer you should wash your face regularly to remove sweat and oils that sit on the skin during the day.

Clear Essence has many fruit and natural cleansers that are perfect for the summer due to their natural ingredients such as lemonolivecarrot seed oil, and papaya. These sweet scented soaps are perfect for the summer season.

Use Toners

Still feel oily after cleansing your skin? With the increased summer heat, skin oils reproduce at a much quicker rate leaving skin more susceptible to oils and dirt remaining trapped on the skin.

To help close pores and ensure skin is completely clean, try adding a toner during the summer months to reduce oils and balance the complexion.

Our Toner Astringent with Alpha Hydroxy Acid helps to regenerate dead skin for a brighter, even tone. Our Sensitive Line Antiseptic Cleanser is perfect for easily-irritated skin types. Use this toner to calm and soothe the skin for a relaxed and refreshed feel.

Don’t touch your face

The gym is full of germs and bacteria, especially on gym equipment. Due to this, it is very important to avoid touching your face when working out. Since sweat can also transfer to the face from your hair, ensure that you tie your hair back away from your face. You want to prevent spreading any bacteria to your skin.

Products for Men

Chimere Skin Care for Men is designed for the grooming needs of men of color. Though the products are sophisticated, they are easy to use. They treat razor bumps, dark spots, ingrown hairs,  breakouts, and acne. 

Chimere™ Triple-Action Body Wash Formula treats and prevents breakouts. It deeply cleanses the skin to heal and soothe irritations by removing dirt and oil. This pH balanced formula helps tone and invigorate the skin as it cleans. 

The Chimere Bump Control Cleansing Bar for Normal to Oily Skin is a moisturizing soap that breaks down pore clogging residue and debris, leaving the skin feeling fresh, clean, comfortable and even-toned. It is specifically formulated to meet the needs of men of color with blemishes, razor bumps, and uneven pigmentation.  

It is used for acne treatment and prevention, cleansing deeply to remove dirt, bacteria and oil; and it exfoliates dead skin cells for a radiant blemish-free, clear complexion.

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