6 Must-Have Skincare Essentials for Your Summer Vacation

You may be on vacation but that doesn’t mean you can forget about your skincare. Your favorite skincare products will have you looking and feeling your best self! So when you’re back home after your time off, you’ll still have that summer glow! Here are a couple skincare essentials you cannot forget!


Although water isn’t a type of skincare, staying hydrated is necessary to keep your skin
looking good! Especially when you’re in the hot sun all day, drinking large amounts of water will prevent you from becoming hydrated, but it will help your skin appear energized and fresh! Even in the long run, not drinking a lot of water can cause your skin to experience premature aging such as scars and wrinkles, as well as puffiness and breakouts.


If your vacation requires you to be in the sun for long periods of time, or at all, wearing sunscreen is crucial! Don’t forget to put it all over your body, not just your face! The last thing you want is getting a sunburn on the first day and being in pain for the rest of the week! Protect your skin and the peace and rest of your vacation. Not only can sun damage cause sun burns, but it can also cause wrinkling, sunspots are more!

A great sunscreen product is the Clear Essence Exclusive Medicated Fade Creme with Sunscreen because it can protect from sun damage while correcting dark spots and sun discolorations. This product can be used on the face and body as well, so you won’t need to pack two separate products!

Clear Essence® Exclusive Medicated Fade Creme w/ Sunscreen (4 oz.)


As lazy as you’re allowed to be on vacation, cleaning your face is not an exception! Whether you’re out in the hot sun, doing a sunset hike or swimming in the ocean, your skin needs to be cleansed. Cleansing the skin allows for the removal of sweat, dirt, makeup and bacteria that could have built up on your skin throughout the day. This bacteria can lead to excessive breakouts, dehydration and premature aging.

A great and gentle facial cleanser is Clear Essence’s Exclusive Brightening Foaming Cleanser to cleanse the skirt of dirt and oil and avoid breakouts to make your skin look and feel flawless! This gentle cleanser has salicylic acid to treat acne without drying the skin.

Clear Essence® Exclusive Brightening Foaming Cleanser (5 oz.)

Shaving treatment

We all know there is nothing better than smooth legs! But the last thing you want on your vacation is strawberry legs and ingrown hairs! Make sure to prevent that using a shave gel and after-shave with bump control properties. When shaving, it is easy to get breakouts and razor bumps, especially if your skin is sensitive. If you treat your skin before and after shaving, it will ensure your skin is silky smoothe for your entire vacation!

The Shave Gel from Clear Essence is affordable and will give you the smoothest shave! The gel formula is soothing and hydrating with ingredients such as triclosan, and antibacterial agent to protect your skin! If you experience darkened skin from shaving, benzophenone is an ingredient in the product to protect from UVA and UVB rays. This amazing product leaves a refreshed cooling effect on the skin to make your shaving experience a wonderful one!

ChiMere™ Shave Gel (Razor Bump Control + Blemish Control Wash for Acne) 4 oz.

This After-Shave Gel from Clear Essence’s ChiMere line is perfect to treat newly shaved skin and prevent razor bumps and ingrown hairs. After using this product, you will never go back to irritated skin! Especially with ingredients such as citric acid, you will be preventing the growth of bacteria on the skin which will lead to acne and pimples.

ChiMere™ After-Shave (Ingrown Hair Intensive Treatment) Gel 4 oz.

Body exfoliant

On vacation, you want your skin to feel smoothe! There is nothing better than having your skin feel fresh and rejuvenated. Exfoliating the skin on your body, you will be removing dead skin cells to promote the renewing of new skin cells. By exfoliating your body, your skin will be looking and feeling as new as ever! Without exfoliating, your skin will be full of dull, dry and flaky patches.

If you want a two-in-one, try the Platinum Extra Strength Medicated Cleansing Bar Plus Exfoliants! This Clear Essence product will cleanse your skin but it will also gently exfoliate it. Not only does it prevent the growth of bacteria while cleansing away dirt and oil, but it will help improve uneven skin textures. The product has flakes of colloidal oatmeal to improve texture and form new skin cells.

Clear Essence® Platinum Extra Strength Medicated Cleansing Bar plus Exfoliants (4.7 oz.)

Body Oil

Have you imagined that glossy and gleaming skin when you’re in the sun? Having that gorgeous skin that you see in movies and magazines? Achieve having that summer glow by using body oil! Not only will you look amazing, but your skin will be incredibly hydrated!

For this glow and hydration, try the My Natural Beauty Skin Tone Specialist Skincare Body Oil! This wonderful scented body oil is full of Vitamin A and Vitamin C to keep your skin moisturized. Your skin will thank you after feeling so nourished! Additional benefits include correcting dull complexion, stretch marks and uneven skin tones! There is nothing better than a lightweight moisturizer to make you feel and look like you belong in a magazine!

Clear Essence® My Natural Beauty Skin Tone Specialist Skincare Body Oil (8 oz.)


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