Clear Essence donates products to Operation Safe House

Clear Essence Supports Operation Safe House with Product Donations

As Clear Essence Cosmetics is dedicated to helping their community, they were proud to be able to donate a couple products to Operation Safe House, a non-profit organization located in Riverside, California in the United States.

Clear Essence Cosmetic is a skincare company that has been committed to creating skincare for darker skin types since its establishment in the 1980s. Their team is full of experts and cosmetologists to create products to help all skin tones feel and look amazing!

Operation Safe House is a non-profit organization dedicated to youth and other individuals who are homeless. They have programs that focus on the health and well-being of those who need emergency shelter, runaways and youth in crisis. They are able to provide crisis intervention services to 400 individuals and work with 10,000 people who are in need of mental health outreach. Many of the individuals that receive help from Operation Safe House are those affected by domestic violence, drug addiction, unplanned pregnancy, gender identity issues, mental health issues and more.

Clear Essence is proud to receive the opportunity to help so many people in need. They were able to donate 10 cases of their Baby By Clear Essence® Softening Hair & Body Wash With Marigold & Chamomile and Baby By Clear Essence® Freshening Baby Lotion With Sweet Pea. These products will be helping individuals who were affected by many different situations and are receiving help from such an amazing organization, Operation Safe House.

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