Fathers Day Gift Guide

The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide: Top 10 Unique & Thoughtful Ideas

Father’s Day is a great time to appreciate all dads and father figures in your life! However, are you having difficulty figuring out what to give that special guy in your life? Here are ten gift ideas that will allow you to celebrate all dads and father figures in your life.

1. ChiMere Shave Gel
Dads deserve self care too! The ChiMere Shave Gel is great for dads who get ingrown
hairs and razor bumps from shaving! This shave gel can be used all over the body and makes your dad’s skin look and feel amazing!

ChiMere™ Shave Gel (Razor Bump Control + Blemish Control Wash for Acne) 4 oz.

2. Back Massager
Is your dad the kind of person who works hard at his job and at home? A neck and back
massager would be a great gift for him to relax after a long day at work, or after cleaning
up the yard! Your dad can use this while watching TV or just laying down!

3. Experiences are the best gifts since they give you the opportunity to create new memories! Whether the experience lasts an hour or a week, it is surely something your father will enjoy. Some ideas are:
– Rafting
– Hot Air Balloon
– Fishing
– SkyDiving
– Helicopter tour

4. If your dad struggles with acne or his face or body, or just needs some self-care, have him try the ChiMere Triple action Body wash! This helps him cleanse his skin, eliminate breakouts and soothe irritations from shaving! He will be sure to thank you after trying thisproduct out!

ChiMere™ Triple Action Body Wash for Men (5.2 oz.)

5. Dad’s are always forgetting to charge their phones! If your dad does this too, get him a solar charger! Solar chargers allow your dad to charge his phone on the go! He won’t have to remember to recharge his power bank either as it can recharge through the power of the sun!

6. If your dad is a music lover, grab him some headphones! Whether they are affordable or expensive, he’ll love being able to listen to his favorite tunes while doing yardwork or walking around the house!
7. Pickleball is an up-and-coming sport! If your father loves sports and is super athletic, you should gift him a pickleball set! He’ll have so much fun hanging out with his friends and learning a new sport!

8. Every dad deserves a new pair of pajamas! We all know how much the guys in our lives hate shopping and buying themselves clothes! Find him some comfortable pajamas or lounge clothes that he will absolutely love!

9. If you want to gift your father a heartfelt and handmade gift, make him a scrapbook! Collect photos from throughout the years, purchase a scrapbook and stickers, and arrange them! You can also write down sweet notes or memories! Surely, this will make him tear up!

10. This is a product that could definitely be added into a spa or self-care basket for your dad! Pamper your father with the Clear Essence ChiMere Bump Control Cleansing Bar! This will improve razor bumps, ingrown hair and uneven skin tone! Your dad will appreciate this reminder to treat himself so much!

ChiMere™ Bump Control Cleansing Bar (5 oz.)

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