The Ultimate Guide: Skincare Tips for Dry Skin

Whether you have dry skin year-round, or your skin is extra dry because of the weather, it can be a frustrating experience. Dry skin can cause itchy, dry, crack and flake which can cause the skin to age prematurely. Having hydrated and healthy skin can prevent wrinkles, fine lines and skin irritation.

How To Know If You Have Dry Skin

Your skin, whether on your face or on your body, can be dry. It is important to take care of your skin! Not sure if you have dry skin? The symptoms below are evidence of the skin not having enough hydration!

● Rough skin texture
● Cracking skin
● Itchiness
● Stinging and burning sensation
● Peeling skin
● Tight skin
● And more!

If you are experiencing any of these dry skin symptoms, here are some skincare tips and products that your skin will absolutely love!

Apply moisturizer immediately after cleaning

Applying moisturizer to damp skin has so many benefits! The moisturizer will seal in the moisture in the skin and keep your skin hydrated throughout the morning or night. Damp skin is hydrated skin, and you want to make sure the hydration is sealed in. When applying a moisturizer to dry skin, the moisturizer may prevent the skin receiving hydration. When doing this, make sure your skin is not dripping wet, just damp! You can also use a spray bottle full of water to mist your face before applying your moisturizer, or apply a hydrating toner!

Clear Essence® Exclusive Brightening Tonic Lotion (8 oz.)

The Clear Essence Exclusive Brightening Tonic Lotion is a toner perfect for dry skin types. Not only will it provide hydration under your moisturizer, it can help further cleanse the skin from makeup and bacteria, and help the skin become more toned while reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation. This product will give your skin an amazing glow!

Clear Essence® Exclusive Hydroquinone-Free Skin Beautifying Milk – Maxi Tone (10 oz.)

Clear Essence’s Exclusive Hydroquinone-Free Skin Beautifying Milk – Maxi Tone is a lightweight moisturizer for dry skin types. This product can be used all over the face and body to help your skin look flawless! It has ingredients such as Niacinamide and botanical licorice to fade dark spots, uneven patches and dull complexions.

Using a face mist throughout the day

Facial mists have many benefits for all skin types, but especially dry skin. Face mists may have different benefits depending on the ingredients such as hydrating, calming and soothing the skin. Face mists can be used before moisturizer, before and after makeup, to feel refreshed throughout the day or after a workout, and before going to bed. Hydrating your skin throughout the day will decrease the amount of rough skin texture and cracking skin. However, facial mists are most effective when applied before makeup as it is easier to penetrate the skin when clean.

Avoid using hot water when cleansing your skin

Despite how soothing a hot shower can be, hot water is not good for dry skin. Hot water can strip the skin of its natural oils and can cause the skin to dry out. Instead, try washing your skin with warm water to ensure all dirt and bacteria is cleansed from your skin without drying it out. Washing your face, although not always enjoyable, has some benefits too! Cold water can help boost the skin’s circulation, tighten the skin, and help it feel refreshed!

Use a hydrating serum before moisturizer

If you have never used a skin serum before, it is an oil or water based liquid that can be applied onto the skin. With only a couple drops of the serum, the lightweight skincare product can be easily absorbed into the skin and can receive so many skincare benefits! Different serums can offer different skincare benefits such as wrinkles, acne, and more! If you have dry skin, using a hydrating serum under your moisturizer would be perfect for you! This will improve your skin’s moisture retention as the moisturizer will seal in the hydration underneath.

Clear Essence® Platinum Hydroquinone-Free Skin Lightening Serum (1.7 oz)

A great serum is the Clear Essence Platinum Hydroquinone-Free Skin Lightening Serum! This serum works great under moisturizer. It is specifically made to treat skincare concerns sync as dark circles around the eyes, acne scars and uneven skin tones.

Opt for a thicker cream instead of a moisturizer

Is your normal moisturizer not giving your skin enough hydration? Try using a cream instead! Skincare creams have a thicker consistency and do not have as much water content compared to the average moisturizer. While other moisturizers may be lightweight and absorb into the skin quickly, creams will allow your skin to stay hydrated throughout the day without the need to reapply. The thick cream will lock in the hydration and serums applied beforehand.

Clear Essence® Sensitive Swiss Complex Collagen with Vitamin E Creme (19 oz.)

If you are looking for a quality and affordable cream, try the Clear Essence Sensitive Swiss Complex Collagen with Vitamin E Creme. This product can be used daily to lock in moisture and reduce water loss in the skin. Water loss can cause dryness, ashiness, and dullness. Not once is it recommended to dry skin types, but sensitive skin as well to avoid irritation.

Use products made for dry skin

Skincare products are made for different skin types and concerns. If you have dry skin, it is important to use products made for that specific skin type to ensure your skin is being treated and is receiving the hydration it needs. If you are using skincare products made for oily or normal skin, you may experience your skin feeling more dry and encounter an excessive amount of dry skin symptoms. Additionally, you may experience breakouts since your skin’s pH balance may be thrown off.


Clear Essence® Exclusive Brightening Foaming Cleanser (5 oz.)


The Brightening Foaming Cleanser by Clear Essence’s Exclusive line is a product perfectly made for dry skin. It has salicylic acid to treat skin concerns such as acne breakouts without drying the skin. This product will clean the skin and leave the skin looking flawless!

Use a facial oil over your moisturizer

Unlike a serum, facial oil should be applied after your moisturizer! For those struggling with dry skin, skincare oil can be a game changer. Not only will this skincare product give your skin an amazing glow, it can improve your skin’s hydration, texture and appearance. Depending on the product formulations, most oils should be applied after moisturizer since they are the heaviest formula and would not allow other skincare products to absorb into the skin if placed before. Skincare oils placed last are able to help this skin retain moisture and lock in the ingredients of products underneath.

Exfoliate to get rid of dead skin cells

You might think that exfoliating dry skin could be harmful and cause your skin to be more dry. However, dry skin still needs to be exfoliated to remove dead skin cells and flaking. There are several different types of exfoliation. Chemical exfoliation is very gentle as long as instructions are properly followed. They contain alpha hydroxy acids to dissolve dead skin cells. On the contrary, those with dry skin should not be using mechanical exfoliation due to the harsh scrubbing. Common ingredients for mechanical exfoliation include washcloths, sugar, microbes and more. Not only will gentle exfoliation improve dry skin and dry patches. It will leave the skin feeling smoother and softer! Especially, when followed up by sunscreen.

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