5 Reasons Your Skin Care Is not Working

5 Reasons Your Skin Care Isn’t Working

Often the world of skin care can offer products that appear exciting and so promising. It’s only after we purchase and try them that we think “Is this actually providing results?” There’s various reasons as to why you might not be seeing results from your skin care routine. So if you’ve tried product after product and don’t feel like you’re seeing the results you desire, take a moment to take these factors into consideration.

1. The weather is throwing you off.

Would you believe us if we said that environmental changes, humidity levels, pollution, and dust can all interfere with the efficiency of a good skin care routine? Crazy right! In the summer, increased heat can be associated with an increase in humidity which in turn can clog your pores and leave your skin feeling oily. Make a note to use breathable, lightweight products to avoid breakouts. On the contrary, during the winter your skin is more susceptible to irritation and dryness. As a result, heavier or thicker creams may be able to provide skin with the relief needed. It’s important to be aware of these factors in order to make the necessary changes to have your skin looking its best.

2. You’re not layering your products correctly.

Using your skin products in the correct order is essential to maintaining ingredient potency. According to dermatologists, the suggested order would be to apply products in order from thinnest formulation to thickest formulation. By doing so, lightweight products such as serums and oils are fully absorbed by the skin instead of fighting to penetrate thicker formulations. It’s also important to provide enough time for the products to be fully absorbed by the skin before moving onto the next step.

The proper combination of skin products is also important! For example, don’t use AHA or retinol on the same night. If unsure make sure to check in with a dermatologist.

3. One or more of your products has expired.

Let’s be honest, how many of us are committed to using a product until it’s empty rather than by its expiration date? Guilty, however, using expired products actually does your skin more harm than good. When using products it’s essential to check the product after opening (PAO) symbol which is usually located on the skin care product itself or the packaging. It looks like a small jar with a lid and contains a period of time, usually in months, indicating when the product should be used by. If there are changes in the texture, smell, color, or consistency then you should discontinue use.

4. You aren’t consistent with your skin care routine.

When it comes down to skin care, consistency is key! If you aren’t being consistent with your skin care then you will lack the desired results. However, it doesn’t have to be a burden. If you lead a busy lifestyle try to simplify your routine so that you’re more likely to get through it. A simple skin care routine that you’re sure to complete is more effective than a complex routine you get to every now and then.

5. You’re going through hormonal changes.

Any lifestyle change such as stress, pregnancy, or your diet can cause hormonal changes that can affect the skin. A fluctuation in the hormone levels can obstruct the effect of your skin care routine. It’s important to monitor such fluctuations and consult your doctor if necessary.

It’s the little things that make a difference and once we take these factors into consideration we hope your skin care will begin to give you the results you look forward to!

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