How to Lighten Darkened Skin - Expert Secrets & Treatment Options

How to Lighten Darkened Skin – Expert Secrets & Treatment Options

How to Lighten Darkened Skin - Expert Secrets & Treatment Options

It is rather unfortunate that darkened skin can be experienced by anyone regardless of their skin tone, however, in this article, we will take you through how to lighten darkened skin via a series of potent yet harmless remedies.

Dark skin happens when the skin overproduces melanin in abundance. Melanin is a pigment present in our bodies. It is responsible for giving color to the skin and other organs in the body.

We refer to darkened areas of the skin as hyperpigmentation. These affected dark patches can stretch to different parts of the skin. Although darkened skin is painless, it gives an unattractive look to our bodies.

Luckily, there are proven ways of fixing this malady and this article will expose some of the most effective ways of how to lighten darkened skin.

Darkened Skin Treatment Products

The best way to treat darkened skin is to lighten it. There are several skin lightening products for treating darkened skin. Unfortunately, these products often irritate the skin and can potentially damage it.

The good news is that you can still enjoy the benefit of skin lightening when you make use of natural alternatives. Some products have been formulated using the best natural ingredients that will not only lighten darkened skin but also keep it radiant and moisturized. 

If you’re looking for quick treatments or how to lighten darkened skin plagued by discoloration or hyperpigmentation, then swiftly check out some of these products below.

1. Adure Woman of Grace Natural Fairness Crème

If you desire a natural skin lightener that also acts as nourishment for your skin, then pick up Adure Woman of Grace Natural Fairness Crème by Clear Essence. The fairness cream has exceptional hydrating features that is just perfect for people that have dry or normal skin.

Licorice and vitamin C are part of the components that make up this awesome natural skin lightening cream. Clear Essence Adure New Natural Fairness Crème is ideal when it comes to revitalizing the skin. You can simply apply it topically as a moisturizer on the face or body.

The plant-based fairness cream acts on skin discolorations, effectively restoring a lighter, even skin tone. It also possesses anti-aging properties to keep your skin soft and vibrant. In addition, the skin lightening formulation contains sunscreen properties to help protect your skin from UV damage. The cream balances evenly on the skin and contains no harmful ingredients. It is the fairness cream to consider if you intend to know how to lighten darkened skin.

2. Clear Essence Platinum Medicated Fade Creme

Darkened skin can give our epidermis a dull look. You need to realize that your skin is supposed to be smooth, dark, and unblemished. Clear Essence Platinum Medicated Fade Creme is a high-quality treatment you can use to improve skin tone.

The fade cream works by effectively brightening discoloration on the skin. Dark spots, age spots, and acne scars have no right to stay on your body. With the medicated fade crème, you can conveniently rid the skin of dark spots, and hyperpigmentation.

Although this product has been formulated with hydroquinone and other potent ingredients, it is quite harmless on the skin as its hydroquinone concentration is capped at a lowly 2% which is just enough to lighten the skin without posing any potential risk.

Clear Essence Platinum Medicated Fade Creme is perfect for dry and normal skin types and can be applied topically.

3. Clear Essence Exclusive Skin Beautifying Milk

Drive off flaky, dry skin with the Clear Essence Exclusive Skin Beautifying Milk. An exclusive formula produced to moisturize the skin and even skin tone. For those who want to know how to lighten darkened skin, this formula is great for treating skin discolorations and dull complexions.

This beautifying cream can be used by all skin types but is recommended mainly for people with dry skin. This is because of its oil and water-based formulation that helps deliver an even-toned glow.

It is ideal for clearing freckles, age spots, as well as dark skin patches that may emerge as a result of pregnancy or the usage of contraceptives. Clear Essence Skin Beautifying Milk is an active lotion that includes 2% hydroquinone, just enough to help fade off skin discolorations. 

4. Adure Natural Fairness Crème

Made up of pure ingredients harnessed from plants, Clear Essence Adure Natural Fairness Crème is delicately poised to visibly lighten sun-damaged discolorations and darkened skin. This cream is just perfect for your skin lightening routine.

It comes with anti-aging properties that deliver a youthful glow to your skin. Along with Vitamin C and licorice extract, the exclusive natural ingredients that make up this skin lightening cream are safe and effective for treating hyperpigmentation. It is an ideal cream if you want to how to lighten darkened skin.

You’ll be left awestruck as signs of aging and darkened skin tone are erased off your skin within weeks of usage. This cream not only lightens the skin but it also hydrates it and shields it from ultraviolet ray damage with its active sunscreen formula.

5. Clear Essence Platinum Skin Beautifying Milk (Maxi-Tone)

Clear Essence Platinum Skin Beautifying Milk (Maxi-Tone) is one of the fastest treatments you can use to achieve a completely even skin tone. Users of this lotion have reported seeing its potent effects within 6 weeks of usage.

Dermatologically tested and approved, this moisturizing body toning lotion kicks out dry skin and dark spots leaving you with a glowing, natural skin tone. Highly recommended for those seeking how to lighten darkened skin, Clear Essence Platinum Skin Beautifying Milk (Maxi-Tone) works by holding in moisture and initiating a reduction in transepidermal water loss.

Perfect for all skin types and dry skin, in particular, the beautifying lotion moisturizes deeply thanks to its rich blend made up of emollients, botanical extracts, and hydroquinone. These, help fade uneven patches appearing on knuckles, elbows, knees, and other skin discolorations.

6. Clear Essence Exclusive Medicated Fade Creme with Sunscreen

Darkened skin dulls our shine and gives an unappealing look when exposed. Fortunately, there are active products available to fight off darkened skin patches while evening skin tone. One of these is the Clear Essence Exclusive Medicated Fade Creme with Sunscreen.

Dark spots and hyperpigmentation are best treated with formulas containing hydroquinone. They hit hardest when it comes to lightening the skin. That’s why top dermatologists have it as the first option when recommending dark spots prescriptions.

This lotion works by tracking and locking on to patches of discolored and dark skin on the face and body. In just 6 weeks, you might even start seeing the effects as dark spots, acne scars, and sunspots are rapidly eradicated.

The medicated fade cream is ideal for normal or dry skin as it absorbs seamlessly into the skin. Applying this cream also gives you some added protection from the sun as it comes with exclusive sunscreen properties.

These, help guard the epidermis against the unfriendly effects of the sun’s rays. Aside from treating darkened skin, the cream also stunts the reappearance of skin darkening. It can simply be applied directly on the skin surface needing correction and observe as it gets transmuted into a brilliant, blemishless, skin worthy of a showoff.

Causes of Darkened Skin

There are several reasons why darkened skin may appear on our bodies. Some of the reasons include;

  • Sun exposure. Exposing your skin to the sun’s rays can have darkening effects on your skin over time.
  • Dry skin. Skin left unmoisturized and flaky can cause the skin to darken.
  • Hormonal imbalance. This affects women mostly, especially those undergoing menstruation, pregnancy, or lactation.
  • Some types of medication. Examples of these are oral contraceptives or some other chemotherapy medications.
  • Chafing. This occurs usually while walking or exercising. The thighs rub together and this might cause the skin around this area to become itchy leading to discoloration.

What Is Skin Lightening?

Skin lightening can be explained as a cosmetic technique targeted at achieving an even skin tone. This is done by using treatments or remedies to reduce or limit the volume of melanin deposits in your skin. Skin lightening is the solution for people looking for how to lighten darkened skin.

An uneven skin tone often arises as a result of hyperpigmentation – which is the emergence of darkened patches on the skin. These dark areas of the skin can be caused by acne, age spots, melasma, or freckles. People make use of different skin lightening methods to fade out these ugly imperfections. The next section describes the various ways of how to lighten darkened skin.

How to Lighten Darkened Skin

Every one of us was born with perfect, even-toned skin. However, as we grow older, our skin is constantly exposed to different inflammations and radical damage. These end up causing the skin to darken over time.

That’s why it is important to care for the skin and use healthy lightening treatments to restore and maintain that inborn glow. Lightening darkened skin does not have to be painful or harsh.

There is no need to undergo uncomfortable invasive procedures or make use of potentially dangerous chemically-formulated products to peel darkened skin off.

Rather, you can try making use of different natural skin lightening remedies. These remedies are not only proven to be effective but also quite safe for usage.

Why risk your health, wellbeing, and sanity to lighten your skin when there are less invasive alternatives out there? The next section of this article will cover some of the proven methods you can use to lighten skin naturally.

Natural Skin Lightening Remedies

1. Bearberry Extract

Bearberry extract is a direct natural remedy you can use if you’re seeking how to lighten darkened skin. The extract is derived from the bearberry shrub. It is popular for its arbutin content that acts as a natural skin lightener and brightener.

Arbutin is often linked to hydroquinone because of the way they work. The only difference is that Arbutin is a natural compound. It renders the enzymes that produce melanin inactive the same way hydroquinone does.

This makes bearberry extract a must-have remedy if you looking for treatment on how to lighten darkened skin. It gives you the same brightening and lightening benefits as hydroquinone, consequently correcting hyperpigmentation issues such as freckles, melasma, age spots, as well as acne scars. The fact that this remedy is totally natural means you are unlikely to suffer any side effects.

Aside from naturally lightening the skin, bearberry extract also comes with sun protection filters. What this does is that it helps suppress the effects of sun exposure thereby slowing the effects of aging.

2. Licorice Root Extract

Another remedy you can consider if you want to learn how to lighten darkened skin is the licorice root extract. Surprisingly, licorice has exceptional skin benefits when aside from being used in making candy.

It also acts as a powerful natural skin lightener ideal for treating age spots, melasma, sun damage, and other hyperpigmentation maladies. Another thing about this natural skin lightening remedy is that it can be used as an agent to limit excessive oil on the skin.

This makes it the perfect skin lightening option for people with oily skin types. Licorice root extract can also be used by people who have sensitive skin. Its properties can be used to effectively limit itching, redness, and puffiness.

Unlike hydroquinone, licorice root extract has excellent anti-irritant abilities. Thus, its side effects are much lower.

3. Kojic Acid

Kojic acid is the number one candidate if you looking to treat melasma. It is gotten from fermented mushrooms and it works by blocking the excessive production of melanin in unevenly pigmented skin.

Kojic acid can be extremely helpful in your quest to learn how to lighten darkened skin. In fact, it is a highly active agent when it comes to brightening hyperpigmented skin issues like melasma and freckles.

Revered worldwide for its exceptional skin lightening effects, kojic acid is no doubt one of the best remedies to naturally lighten skin.

4. Azelaic Acid

Azelaic acid is a skin lightening agent derived from grains like barley, wheat, and rye. As well as lightening darkened skin, it can also be used to treat countless skin ailments. Originally, azelaic acid was used as a remedy for treating acne.

Aside from lightening the skin, it also helps lower inflammation and reduces keratin production. Keratin is responsible for aiding the growth of acne bacteria. The two major things that azelaic acid does are;

  • It suppresses melanin production
  • It fights hyperpigmentation by clamping down and limiting the development of melanin-producing cells.

You can use azelaic acid if you looking for how to lighten darkened skin. The remedy targets hyperpigmentation and is ideal for treating similar skin disorders.

5. Niacinamide

For all kinds of jagged pigmentation, niacinamide is the remedy. It also tackles age spots by effectively lightening the skin and soothing it. Ceramide and fatty acid levels are boosted in the skin by niacinamide.

This gives the skin a softer, smoother feel that is less prone to irritation. If this remedy is used over a long period, it will keep the skin well-hydrated, firm, and wrinkle-free. It is a recommended treatment for those seeking how to lighten darkened skin.

6. Citrus Extracts

Citrus extracts provide a rich source of vitamin C. This is important because it helps eliminate free radicals (cells causing aging) in the body. A radiant glow is what your skin will benefit from citrus extracts.

Aside from rejuvenating the skin, citrus extract from lemon juice acts as a natural skin whitener. It can be used to clear dark spots, making it an ideal remedy for those who intend to learn how to lighten darkened skin.

Lemon juice can also be used to mildly exfoliate the skin. Its acidic content helps to safely peel off the skin’s top layer. Some researchers have even discovered that citric acid can be used to significantly reverse photoaging as well as sun damage.

7. Glycolic Acid

One of the most active and beneficial compounds in the alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) family, glycolic acid is a vital element in skincare. The acid can be used as a moisturizer for the skin and a natural skin exfoliant.

Glycolic acid is an excellent remedy for correcting skin discoloration and hyperpigmentation. It is also ideal for reducing fine lines as well as wrinkles. Glycolic acid also helps other active ingredients in skin lightening. This helps them probe deeper into the skin.

This makes it a dynamic remedy for those who want to know how to lighten darkened skin. You can combine glycolic acid with other treatments in this section to get the best skin lightening results.

8. Lactic Acid

Derived from milk, lactic acid is another member of the alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) family. It works similarly to glycolic acid but differs in that it is better suited for people having sensitive skin. Just like glycolic acid, lactic acid can also help other active skin lightening ingredients by increasing their penetration into the skin.

Home Remedies for Removing Dark Spots

For how to lighten darkened skin and remove dark spots, there are special home remedies you can also use. This section covers some of the most effective ones;

1. Sugar scrub

If you are looking for how to naturally lighten skin or how to lighten darkened skin using a potent home remedy, then try using a sugar scrub. Sugar is ideal for exfoliating the skin. Exfoliation is important because the darkened sections of the skin can be caused by a concentration of dead skin.

How to apply

  • Get a teaspoon of sugar, a tablespoon of honey, and some fresh lemon juice. Mix these in a bowl.
  • Mildly scrub the mixture on the darkened skin surface to exfoliate it.
  • Rinse off the mixture with lots of water

2. Oatmeal yogurt scrub

Eczema and other inflammatory skin issues can cause the skin to darken and be hyperpigmented. How to lighten darkened skin can be possible using a mixture of oatmeal and yogurt to scrub and exfoliate the skin. You’ll even find that using this mixture is gentler than using the sugar scrub. Yogurt is an abundant source of lactic acid which does help contribute as a natural skin brightener.

How to apply

  • Measure equal parts of oatmeal and plain yogurt
  • Mix the oatmeal and yogurt in a bowl
  • Rub the paste onto the darkened regions of the skin then scrub gently.
  • Rinse off the mixture using plenty of water.

3. Potato rub

Potatoes are believed to contain catecholase – an enzyme that helps promote skin lightening. So, if you want to lighten darkened skin, rubbing potatoes on your it can set you on a path to achieving a bright and blemishless skin tone.

How to apply

  • Get a fresh potato and slice it
  • Rub the sliced potato onto the darkened area of the skin needing lightening for 15 minutes or longer
  • Use plenty of water to wash the skin after application

4. Coconut oil and lemon juice

Lemon juice is packed full of vitamin C which is a strong agent for fighting discolored darkened skin. Coconut oil can act as a moisturizer that helps keep the skin surface soft, supple, and tact.

How to apply

  • Add a few tablespoons of coconut oil into a small bowl.
  • Slice a lemon and squeeze one half of its juice into the bowl.
  • Gently apply the lemon and coconut oil mixture on the darkened areas of the skin and also massage it for 10 minutes or more.
  • Using plenty of water, wash off the mixture from the skin’s surface

5. Baking soda and water paste

A word of caution here. Although baking soda can be particularly effective when it comes to lightening and exfoliating the skin, it may end up being too harsh for your skin. It can lead to irritation and even worsen any preexisting skin conditions.

How to apply

  • Get a clean bowl and make a paste containing equal parts of water and baking soda.
  • Rub a thin layer on the affected darkened skin areas in the same way you would a body or face mask.
  • Leave the paste on for 15 minutes or longer and then rinse it off using plenty of water.

6. Aloe vera

Chafed or irritated skin can be soothed using aloe vera gel or any other aloe vera-based products. Aloe vera contains aloin, a compound that helps lighten skin naturally. You can apply aloe vera directly onto the darkened skin surfaces to lighten them. You may not need to rinse off the application from your skin after rubbing it on.

Best Darkened Skin Lightening Products

Using the right natural skin lightening creams and products can benefit your skin immensely. Not only will they help lighten your skin, but they will also ensure your skin won’t develop health issues later in the future.

Some skin products come with hydroquinone because of its potency when it comes to skin lightening. However, due to the fact that the chemical can be potentially dangerous when used excessively, the FDA has approved a 2% maximum hydroquinone concentration in all skin lightening products.

Still looking for how to lighten darkened skin? The products below are some of the best darkened skin lightening products you can use on your skin. These products have been dermatologically tested and certified ideal for lightening darkened skin.

1. Adure Woman of Grace Natural Fairness Crème (4 oz.)

Adure Woman of Grace Natural Fairness Crème by Clear Essence is a skin lightening cream that contains mainly natural ingredients ideal for nourishing the skin.

The cream comes with exclusive hydrating properties that will keep the skin refreshed and soft. It is ideal for treating skin discolorations while adequately lightening the skin surface.

2. Clear Essence Platinum Medicated Fade Creme

Clear Essence Platinum Medicated Fade Crème was formulated to help clear out dark spots, acne, and age spots from your skin.

This premium cream acts on discolored skin and works tirelessly to even skin tone. The medicated cream can be used on normal skin types and especially dry skin types.

3. Clear Essence Exclusive Skin Beautifying Milk

The Clear Essence Exclusive Skin Beautifying Milk perfect for moisturizing the skin. Dry and flaky skin contribute to darkening the skin. This beautifying milk formula helps resolve this and goes a bit further to even skin tone and brighten erstwhile dulled complexions.

It is particularly recommended for women who develop dark skin patches as a result of pregnancy or the use of birth control medications.

4. Adure Natural Fairness Crème

Packed full of plant-based ingredients, Adure Natural Fairness Crème by Clear Essence effectively counteracts against sun-damaged discolorations and darkened skin.

You don’t need to look too before discovering how to lighten darkened skin with the Adure fairness cream. It has unique anti-aging properties that keep your skin youthful for longer.

5. Clear Essence Platinum Skin Beautifying Milk

Discover how to lighten darkened skin with the Clear Essence Platinum Skin Beautifying Milk. This lotion levels out darkened skin spots and patches and evens the skin tone.

It effectively delivers a pleasing, attractive glow and bounce to the skin with its moisturizing properties. This lotion can be used to fade off hyperpigmented patches on the elbows, knuckles, as well as the knees.

6. Clear Essence Exclusive Medicated Fade Creme with Sunscreen

Have you tried out the Clear Essence Exclusive Medicated Fade Creme with Sunscreen yet? This product from Clear Essence’s Exclusive Line helps fight off darkened skin patches as well as evens out skin tone.

The formulation comes with properties that seek out patches of discolored and dark skin before eradicating them permanently. The medicated fade cream also contains sunscreen properties that help protect your skin when exposed to ultraviolet radiation.

7. Clear Essence Exclusive Brightening Facial Masks

Clear Essence Exclusive Brightening Facial Mask is ideal for correcting all forms of discoloration and hyperpigmentation. The facial masks have a pleasant moisturizing effect once they hit the skin.

The masks have been produced to balance well on the skin while treating and evening out darkened skin.

8. Clear Essence Anti Aging Skin Beautifying Milk with Alpha Hydroxy Acid

Consisting of mainly natural ingredients, Clear Essence Anti Aging Skin Beautifying Milk with Alpha Hydroxy Acid is a super active lotion for lightening the skin. The formula helps correct discolorations on the skin while treating signs of aging and fine lines.

It can also be used as an exfoliating agent to help evict dead skin cells from the epidermal surface leaving the skin renewed and glowing.

How to Prevent Darkened Skin

Everyone is at risk of getting darkened skin but there are a few things you can do to limit your skin from darkening.

  • Exfoliate the skin regularly. Exfoliation helps flush out dead skin cells lurking on the epidermis that can lead to darkened skin.
  • Wear clothing that covers the skin from direct sunlight. You can also put on wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses for added protection.
  • Wear sunscreen of SPF 30 or more whenever you go out. If you can, try to avoid excessive sun exposure.
  • Treat skin ailments like acne and pimples early.
  • Wash and cleanse the skin twice daily.


Skin darkening is harmless and treatable. There are lots of home remedies as well as products that can effectively lighten darkened skin. This article discusses the various remedies you use if you aim to learn how to lighten darkened skin.

However, aside from treating darkened skin, there are certain practices you should put into a routine to further prevent skin from darkening. Basically, you can prevent the skin from getting darkened by following a routine of daily cleansing and avoiding direct exposure to intense sunlight.

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