Maxi-Tone Skin Care Line

The Maxi-Tone Quick Tone Line is formulated with blend of hydroquinone, botanical extracts, emollients and sunscreen. Use our Maxi-Tone line as an effective remedy for hyper-pigmentation, dark spots and blemishes caused by acne. This line has all the benefits of our Platinum Line products in more affordable and easy to use package. We designed the Maxi Tone Quick Tone line to be a more economical solution for those wishing to achieve a flawless skin tone!

    Hyper Pigmentation  |   Uneven Skin Tone   |    Dark Spots   |   Environmental Damage

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Clear Essence® Maxi-Tone Quick Tone Fade Creme (4 oz.)
Price: $4.05
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Clear Essence® Maxi-Tone Quick Tone Lotion (8 oz.)
Price: $4.60
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