Platinum Skin Care Line

Formulated with a blend of ingredients – including hydroquinone, lactic acid, botanical extracts and sun protection – the Clear Essence Platinum skin care line is an effective remedy for hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and blemishes.  

Designed specifically for people of color, the Platinum collection actively inhibits the enzyme that controls the rate of melanin production. It successfully fades post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation that occurs in medium to dark skin tones after exposure to irritants such as acne, injury or sun exposure. This will leave you with a radiant, even-toned and natural complexion. 

The Platinum Collection of skin care from Clear Essence is designed for the treatment of: hyper pigmentation, uneven skin tone, dark spots, and environmental damage.

    Hyper Pigmentation  |   Uneven Skin Tone   |    Dark Spots   |   Environmental Damage